Big Custom Software Development Companies

What are some big custom software development companies

If you’re looking for custom software development companies to work with, you’re going to have a lot of options. Some of the big names you’ll be able to consider include Door3, Designveloper, Softeq, Exadel, and DOIT Software. These companies will have a lot to offer you, and they’re a great place to start if you’re looking for someone to help you out with your next project.

DOIT Software

DoIT Software is one of the big custom software development companies. Its team provides full-cycle services for custom mobile applications, web solutions, chatbots and AI. The company also offers big data analytics and digital transformation.

They have a team of experts who work with JavaScript and NodeJS. These professionals are experienced in delivering complex software solutions to enterprises.

The company has helped a number of leading enterprises with their software solutions. They provide consultancy services and have experts in Canada and the US. Their experience helps businesses elevate their value through customized software development.


ScienceSoft is one of the leading software development companies. Its global client base ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 multinationals. With a team of over 700 IT professionals, it offers custom software development services. In addition, it provides a variety of other IT services.

The company’s core capabilities include building solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), cognitive computing, decentralized application, Internet of Things, mixed reality, and web development. They also offer business intelligence solutions, software product quality assessment, and automated testing.

The company’s hallmark projects include developing IPTV/SVOD apps for BBC and Discovery Interactive Group. The company also provides firewalls, antivirus protection, and email security.


Exadel is a leading product engineering company with over two decades of experience in developing mobile apps, enterprise software solutions and digital products. It is an ideal choice for businesses looking to lower the application lifecycle cost.

As an enterprise software development firm, Exadel has worked with a wide range of companies, from large and established enterprises to startups and smaller organizations. Some of the services provided by the company include custom web development, mobile app development, enterprise security and test automation. In addition, it offers value-added AI services from major vendors.


Door3 is a custom software development company based in New York City. The company has a global team of talented professionals. It serves a diverse range of industries and helps businesses across the globe transform their business to riches.

Door3 provides solutions that are easy to use and effective at increasing revenue. Their experts build smart, tailored applications that empower employees and consumers. They provide secure intranets, multi-functional intranets, and digital pure-play platforms.

Their design practices include user experience design (UX), rapid design iterations, insightful user testing, and interactive prototypes. By combining these techniques, they create custom software solutions that help clients increase efficiency, boost revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.


Softeq is a software development company based in the US and Germany. The company provides full-cycle custom software development services. This includes hardware and software solutions, as well as maintenance and constant support.

Softeq’s portfolio includes mobile, desktop, and web applications. Its team of experts has years of experience in a variety of industries. They use a combination of proven methodologies and techniques to develop and maintain software for clients.

The company has offices in Belarus, Germany, and the United States. It focuses on creating high-quality applications that meet customer needs. Their team also has a solid understanding of hardware design and UI/UX development.


Designveloper is a well-established custom software development company with a reputation for excellent quality work. The team is highly skilled and able to work together effectively.

Their portfolio includes various technologies and software solutions. They provide a wide range of software solutions for small and large businesses.

They offer a comprehensive set of custom software development services. These include CRM systems, business applications, mobile apps, web apps, etc. They use modern technologies, such as Java, Android, and IOS, to create custom business solutions.

Designveloper has been awarded a strong profile on TechBehemoths, and has received positive feedback from their customers. Some of their recent projects include:

One of their latest projects involved ad tech solutions, where they had to develop a tool that would be scalable. It was completed in only two months, and they managed it through a collaborative process. This included daily meetings and a constant flow of communication.

Spire Digital

Custom software development is a serious commitment. You’ll need to find an agency that can provide you with the kind of quality work you’re looking for. There are several companies on the market that can help you with that. Whether you need custom web or mobile solutions, you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs.

Spire Digital is a custom software development company that provides a wide array of services. From web and mobile development to business consulting and strategic solutions, they can help you meet your goals. They have a team of highly-experienced professionals who are experts at developing software products.